After graduating at the end of April, I started to look for jobs back home in the Bay Area since I was moving back in July. Once home, I applied to one office and right off the bat, I was asked to come in for an interview, then a work interview, and then the job as a dental assistant. I started off at $13/hr in July and now I am currently making $17/hr. I love my job and just wanted to say thank you! I couldn't be happier with the decision I made by choosing SDDC.

-Janney Usher

SDDC was a blast. I never knew going to school on a Saturday could be so fun. The program is well thought out, and built to guarantee success. I got a job in a dental office by my second week of the program. I have recommended this program to friends and I will continue to do so.

-Lauren Jones

I took this program September through December and I wanted to tell you I had a great experience! Thank you for letting me be apart of this program that has led me to a career as a dental assistant. A month out of school I got a job in a dental office and it has been awesome! I have already helped assist wisdom teeth, implant surgery, and many more procedures.

-Heather Kaniasty

SDDC is the best choice I have ever made. I would strongly recommend SDDC to anyone who is interested in becoming a dental assistant. They were extremely helpful. I learned everything I needed to know to enter the exciting world of dentistry in just three months. I got a job as a chairside dental assistant two weekends after I completed the program. After working for my dentist for 2 months he offered me a raise and agreed to cover my expenses to take the RDA exam. I couldn't have done it without the help of SDDC. :)

-Rachel Sun

I'm working at a great office in San Diego. I'm getting ready to take my RDA exam in November. Everything I learned in your course was exactly what I needed to know to get started in my career. If it wasn't for your program I would still be in school for dental assisting! Thanks to you I'm one step ahead. Thank you so much for everything.

-Katie Drips

I loved the whole program. I was able to get a lot of hands on training in the labs as well as working with some great staff members of the Hurst Family Dental office. The instructors take the time to answer any questions you may have and the learning environment is exceptional. The facilities allow you to learn in a modern dental office with up to date equipment.

-Edward K. Whittemore

San Diego Dental careers offers you great teachers in a very nice environment and also the opportunity to practice!! When you start working you don't feel lost. I strongly recommend this program!

-Barbra Benveniste

Thank you for having this outstanding school. For me, the teachers really made it awesome. Their knowledge and experience as dental assistants really helped me. They showed how rewarding dental assisting can be. All of the teachers really enjoyed what they were doing and they helped me complete the program.

-Monica G. Ramirez

By participating in San Diego Dental Careers classes, I really strengthened my practical knowledge of dentistry and its impact on health care which motivated me to advance my studies in dentistry. Thanks for the experience!

-Kevin Nguyen

I am working as a dental assistant and love it. I would recommend SDDC to anyone who is looking to jump start their career in the dental field.

-Brittany Rawlins